I have known Tony Blackburn forever. I count him as a friend, and I am appalled by the BBC's sacking of him. If Lord Tony Hall and the Corporation think that they can destroy his fine fifty-year career for the most threadbare of reasons - that he couldn't remember attending a meeting - they have lost the plot.
What on earth are they doing? Shooting themselves in the foot. Pick of the Pops has a greater audience than anything else on the BBC. The Daily Mail's story about this yet-another-historic-'sex abuse'-scandal  reads, to me, as though the teenager who took her own life had self-esteem and mental health issues, and had created a fantasy life which, at such a vulnerable age, she came to regret - then punished herself in the most tragic way. Awful for her and her family - how do those left behind ever recover from that? - but devastating for Tony that all this should now resurface, tainting his name and robbing him of his job. He is a decent guy, a devoted husband to Debbie, and the proudest of fathers to talented Victoria.
Time to do a Gambo and start writing a diary, TB. Do it today. Paul said it was the one thing that gave him a focus, kept him sane, and sustained him through months of fear, when at one point he believed that he would end his days in a prison cell. Finally, when charges were dropped and he emerged, relieved, he was able to translate the experience into a book. His memoir 'Love, Paul Gambaccini' was published last year. It set the record straight. He had the last laugh.