Pete Townshend declares in an Uncut interview, widely quoted in the red-tops, that he and Roger Daltrey might have had a better working relationship had Daltrey not stayed with his second wife, Heather. Knowing the feisty American former model, I bet she hasn't batted a lash over it.

Heather knew what she was taking on when she married Roger. The Who were the biggest band in the world and in demand on most continents, across which they wenched and wassailed for months at a time. She'd have been a deaf, dumb and blind kid to believe that her old man would keep his kecks on while he was off on the road. 

Now that septuagenarian Rog resembles an Ena Sharples acolyte with greying curls, more at home in the snug of the Rovers' Return than swinging microphones on stage, the balance of power has shifted. His cock has come home to roost. His relationship with Heather has metamorphosed, Rog reveals, into 'something much deeper'. His wife, he says, is 'the most extraordinary woman' he knows. 

I have rarely known a marriage so open. Feminists have blasted Heather down the years for putting up with it, but she couldn't give a toss. 'Infidelity is in the mind,' she once told me. 'I couldn't care less who he goes with, as long as he comes home to me.' And more besides.


  1. If I was married to Roger, I would keep him on a leash!

  2. Not too many would marry someone like Roger, it's wonderful to think about in a romanticized way, but the reality of marriages in this type of business is much different. It took her to accept things about him, and for him to accept things about her. We may not all agree, but after 41 years they are still together and appear very happy. Plus who is to say that while he was on the road she wasn't having "A Quick One" with someone else? Who knows, but they seem like a good match just the same.


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