I try to keep it apolitical. But there are times. The discussion about the so-called 'Tampon Tax' is getting my goat. So you can go for a swim without paying VAT, but you have to pay VAT on the tampon you need to wear in order to be able to go for the swim. Would the average man put up with this? 
To be clear: under EU rule, no item that has ever had VAT charged on it can have the VAT removed completely. Thus, edible cake decorations and crocodile meat - less than essential commodities, one assumes - are not being taxed. Sanitary products, necessities to half the population but regarded as 'non-essentials', yes, by the EU, are taxed at 5%. What an arse EU legislation is.
It doesn't quite boil down to 'if you want tax-free bungs, vote UKIP' - as much as the purple party would like this to be so. 
Only women bleed. Look who's bleeding us.