I was devastated to hear the tragic news of Rob Lee's death today. Many knew him as half of Levinsky Sinclair, the pop duo who achieved fame on 'The Kenny Everett Video Show'. Remember their single 'Only Feel This Way'?
Rob had plans for this year. He'd moved to the coast, and had just ordered a juicer, a Christmas present to himself. He was looking forward to getting fit again after his hip-op last summer. He'd fallen in love, and was hopeful for the future. He'd written a song that Roger Daltrey loved, and had promised to record. Too late for Rob to enjoy the fruits of his labour, but I hope sincerely that Roger honours the promise. It would be a wonderful tribute to Rob, who did so much for The Who, not least running their official website - thewho.com - and contributing his considerable creativity to their live tour last year.
We shared much over the years, not least an enduring passion for our mutual friend John Entwistle. He wouldn't mind me sharing this extract from an email he wrote me in 2012, which speaks for itself. We wept when we watched it. God bless, Wholigan.

'Here’s a clip (below) you might like to see, filmed by a fan of The Who playing 5:15 from Quadrophenia with visuals I worked on. The ‘John’ sequence starts with Roger’s ‘I hear the thunder’ at about 5.00 in. Then the bass solo starts. The fan filming it doesn’t quite realise what’s happening for a while so it takes him a while to point the camera up at John on the top screen After John’s solo, Pete goes into a blistering guitar solo. NB it doesn't really give you the full impression because the set is HUGE. But enjoy!'