A variation on the New Year's Honours theme.

Can you:
1 - name the five wealthiest people on the planet?
2 - the last five World Cup-winning countries?
3 - last year's chosen ones in the New Year's Honours list?
4 - the last five winners of the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize?  The Man Booker?
5 - the last five Oscar-winning Best Actors and Best Actresses?
6 - the last decade's worth of FA Cup Winners?

Me neither.

Few of us remember yesterday's headlines. Not even when they brim with the Best Of.  Applause fades. Awards rust. Achievements are forgotten.  Important stuff swirls to nothing in the mists of time.  The point dies with he or she who made it. I am thinking of Addison Cresswell, who died in his sleep last week.  Who will remember, in a year or two, the high-achieving super-agent and producer who made Jonathan Ross, Michael McIntyre, Jack Dee and more? Only a handful. 

So try this.

Name the teachers at school who made pennies drop for you.
The friends who were there for you when the chips were down.
Those who taught you something worthwhile, something that may have changed your life.
Those who have made you feel appreciated and special.
Those with whom you enjoy spending time.

The people who make a difference in your life are not those with the most money, the most awards, the most influence. They are the ones you care about most. The ones who care about you.

Happy New Year.