RosieVirgo and I discussed a few folk, mutual and otherwise. She nodded sagely.
'The urban sociopath', she declared. 'Beware. A lot of them about these days.'
Who is he?
Look around you, friends. Take note. There is at least one in your life.

He's often a relatively high-achiever, a bit 'alpha', who can't or won't 'fit in.'
He has a conscience like a sieve, or lacks one completely.
He is always in the right. It's everyone else who is wrong.
He cares only about himself. The rest of us are for his benefit.
He is reptilian, cold-blooded, he barely blinks.
He is egocentric. he has an exaggerated sense of self-worth.
He is a predator, with a lust for life, power and total control - over money, people or situations, which he strives to achieve through superficial charm, manipulation, intimidation, aggression and sometimes violence.
He can be delusional, irrational, and is rarely remorseful.

A sociopath may be made (nature/nurture), or true (he was born that way). There are other kinds, every shade of grey, but aren't we all bored with those?

He can be callous, over-sexed, and contemptuous of women. He is mostly incapable of long-term relationships, whether with a partner, children, colleagues or friends. He can be sublimely charismatic. Irresistible, even. But he doesn't give a flying fuck about you. He lies compulsively. He is more qualified than you knew he could be. He is writing a best-seller. He is about to hit the big-time. He once served in the SAS. He he knows personally the guy who killed the Princess of Wales. He has seen both the bullet and the Fiat, never found. He was once a millionaire but the Government robbed him. He now banks exclusively off-shore. He has a safe at home containing £3 million-worth of gems.

He'll tell you he is in love with you on the first date: he is a fantasist, too. He will push every boundary of sexual behaviour, or attempt to, and try to compromise you beyond. He will never feel guilt. He cannot learn from his mistakes. He is incapable of understanding what he is supposed to have done. He thinks that this post is all about him. Carly Simon knew.

London seems to be crawling with deadly losers these days. Other cities, countries and continents too. What happened to the human race?

Go well, my daughters. I have been here. I am watching. I bite.