Aztec Camera said it in their greatest hit 'Somewhere In My Heart', from their 1987 album 'LOVE':
 'From Westwood to Hollywood,
The one thing that's understood,
Is that you can't buy time,
But you can sell your soul,
And the closest thing to heaven is to rock and roll ...'
I was pregnant with my first-born at the time; ducking and diving between Sunset Boulevard and Fleet Street, covering the biggest rock tours for the Daily Mail. I would have sold my soul for Roddy Frame.
Is the passage of time eased by life's soundtrack? I've always thought so. Keep listening, kids. The past is yet to come. Though it can't all dangle from nostalgia, can it. Music must keep reinventing itself. It can nod to the old guys, pay homage and immerse itself in influences. But it must also do its own thing. It has to keep sticking its neck on the line, keep putting it out there. If you're any good, both the establishment and your own fans will be suspicious. 
Very little stops me in my tracks these days. I've heard it all before. Every now and then, I have to stop the car, maybe get out for a minute, do a jig, hurl my hat, let down my hair, have a swig. Guess what did this today: Daytona Lights.
I've raved about them before. Full disclosure, I've known their guitarist Louis Souyave since he was twelve. What a thrill to hear the great music that he and his band mates are making now. Go, spend a little money on their brand-new five-track EP 'Old-Fashioned Love'. Get into that throb, its jangly attitude, its lilts, its le Bon-ness, its  cockiness. Get this. Drown yourself in its harmonies and choruses and indie-pop energy. Be thrilled that people can still do this.
I booked my August ticket to Ibiza today, by the way. If they're not playing this in the clubs by the time I land, I'm heading for the Midnight Beach.