Where do you start?  Queen's catalogue is so rich, diverse and all-encompassing that a request to select twenty five tracks for a pre-American publication playlist has had me in knots for days.  Still, I had to choose. Let me know what you think.  If you have better ideas, please tell me why.

The tracks chosen here correspond loosely to the chapter headings in the book. They were not necessarily released during the period covered in the chapter I have selected them for … but something in each song evokes the content and personality of the chapter to which it is linked.

Montreux - A Winter's Tale

Live Aid - Radio GaGa

Zanzibar - Seven Seas of Rhye

Panchgani - Save Me

London - Now I'm Here

Queen - Killer Queen

Front Man - I Want It All

Mary - Mother Love, and Love of My Life

Trident - Under Pressure

EMI - Hammer to Fall

Dudes - You're My Best Friend

Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody

Fame - Fat-Bottomed Girls

Champions - We Are The Champions

Munich - I'm Going Slightly Mad

Phoebe - Friends Will Be Friends

South America - Las Palabras De Amor

Barbara - Too Much Love Will Kill You

Jim - Somebody To Love (Freddie's favourite song – and his mother's)

Break Free - I Want To Break Free

Live - Don't Stop Me Now

Budapest - It's A Kind Of Magic

Garden Lodge - These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Barcelona - Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballe)

For The Road - Who Wants To Live Forever

Legend - The Show Must Go On


  1. Thats pretty cool - I don't think it pays to get too tied up in whether the song is covered in the chapters content. Most people will see and appreciate what you're doing anyway.

    I did a similar thing with my dissertation on The Beatles Yellow Submarine some years back - using lyrics from Beatles songs - which funnily enough worked!


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